Suzuki DR 100

The ECU Doctor thanks you for visiting our electronics workshop. Please browse our site at your leisure and contact via email or phone if you require any further information or detail.

Why have this service. Since around 1992 motor vehicles have increasingly had the ECU code locked to the ignition key making rebuild not exchange the way forward to getting a vehicle back on the road.

With the introduction of Catalytic Converters, the fuel injection system came of age. It simply was not possible to get the carburettor to provide the degree of fuel control required by the new engine management systems. Every new car since 1993 has come equipped with fuel injection of one kind or another, controlled by a computer.

What is our service. Here the ECU Doctor specialises in the examination, testing and rebuild of customer engine control units posted to us.

Why own unit rebuild is safer than exchange

The ECU Doctor specializes in customer ‘own unit’ rebuild and re-engineering of automotive engine control units. This means you get your own ECU back.

When exchanging, you have NO IDEA what you are getting back. Worse still, the ECU you get back could have unusual intermittent faults that no one has been able to detect or repair. Dealer re-programming costs and inconvenience are avoided if your own ECU is re-fitted. It is also becoming more common that other types of exchange ECU are not working because of vehicle coding problems (the ECU is coded to work only with your vehicle) – this possibility is avoided if your own ECU is re-fitted

Who can we help. In our workshops we have the equipment ,trained staff and expertise to deal with the largest range of petrol European and Japanese models available in the market. Also we are investing in equipment and training to be able to serve the expanding diesel market.

Who we cannot help. At this present time the lab is unable to work on motorcycle and scooter management systems. Gearbox and ABS control units also are excluded from our specialized test and rebuild work.

We aim for the shortest possible turn around time of your Engine Control unit with no compromise on quality of work. However on occasions we need to order specialised components or the availability of parts necessitates some delay. Please bear the above in mind when being realistic on the turn around time of your rebuilt unit.

Should you at any time after entrusting your unit with our company consider we are not competent or are being tardy in the rebuild instruct us for the return and no charge will be made under any circumstances. We reserve the right to return a customer unit should undue pressure be made regarding turn around time also.

What will it cost. The examination, test and diagnostics fee is Ј35 which is 45 minutes of our workshop time with a technician. This fee is not charged should a rebuild be necessary and your unit is entrusted to us.

Our total commitment to customer service can be seen by our ratings and judged by you. We believe this fee to be good value within the industry. Our test fee is warranted and refundable if unsatisfactory.

Our standard charge for a rebuild is Ј140 plus parts. This comprises three hours of workshop time with a qualified technician at his workstation. To achieve a swift turnaround we replace any suspect or defective board and surface mount components from our extensive stock. Any necessary re-mapping of data onto replacement processor chips is undertaken free of charge. Your payment can be made simply by direct bank transfer or cheque by prior arrangement.

For your convenience we also accept all major credit/debit cards.

Please note that we do ask a contribution towards our packaging and carriage costs of ten pounds (no vat) for your unit to be delivered back by overnight next day delivery service. For your peace of mind every unit is insured and shall be signed for at your chosen delivery destination.

Any test fee or rebuild work is subject to VAT at the current rate.

We will inform you prior to any work that we undertake after examination and of course you are under no obligation to proceed.

If unable to test or repair no fee will be charged!

What to do next. Prior to shipping your suspect unit to us we would prefer notice of the arrival. This ensures we dedicate the relevant team member and equipment to your unit. Units are best sent in a padded jiffy bag or box with bubble-wrap protection whilst in transit. Please enclose your full address and contact details, also the vehicle make, model and age with a brief description of the symptoms your vehicle is experiencing.

Should you have any further queries regarding our service please do not hesitate to contact us at our address below.

The ECU Doctor Limited

Suzuki DR 100
Suzuki DR 100
Suzuki DR 100
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