We test used: Suzuki GS 500 F – not just for beginners

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Aggressive styling, low operating costs and good handling properties are the main advantages enticing to buy uzywango Suzuki GS 500 F.

Photo by Charles Biela

History of Suzuki GS 500 began in 1989, the production version of the naked. Within a few years, Five Hundred won the hearts of many bikers – not only those seekers of his first big bikea .

After five years of starting production assembly lines and GS-moved from Japan to Spain. In 2004, the naked, already labeled as GS 500 E, joined equipped with full fairing model F, which is precisely thanks to this plastic motor housing is outright gained sporty design.

Thanks to aggressive-looking deflectors – like the GSX-R series – and an affordable purchase price, GS 500 F was the top-selling new bike in Poland in 2004.

And although the official sale was completed GS-and in Europe in 2007, it will be a long time yet frequent visitor to our roads. Why?

Economical 2-cylindrowiec

ENGINE GS 500 is powered by two twin carburettors row, which achieves power 48 hp @ 9200 rpm / min. . This is not a result of dizziness nauseous, but I guess nobody buys the machine with an engine displacement of 487 cc capacity to bic speed records.

It is true that in Poland in the years 2004-2006 was played GS 500 Cup trophy but does not change the fact that this Five Hundred more suited to ordinary, everyday driving, even in a slightly further journey.

Air cooled 2-cylinder engine gained fame not too problematic, and well-preserved specimens of the wound higher mileage Streak 40-45 should not deter thousands of potential buyers.

Produced in 2004 model F, which is the full fairing, was retrofitted in the small oil coolers positioned high behind the front wheel.

Although the timing is quite loud dwucylindrowca, but you can limit this shortcoming on a motorcycle by adjusting clearance rollers.

In terms of fuel burned Suzuki GS 500 should not lead anyone to ruin. During normal operation rolgazem average fuel consumption should not exceed 4.5-5 liters per hundred, which the 20-liter tank gives quite a considerable distance to be traveled without having to refuel and GS.

If you want to revel in the highways, of course, German consumption could reach up to 6 liters, but only if the speedometer is approaching the end of scaling, which is 200 km / h

In everyday use inline engine writes quite well, but if youll want to ride with the backpack or they have a little overweight, you first need to reduce speeds than wait, and feel unwelcome vibrations taken away from the engine.

In relation culture 6-speed gear grumble, with each gear they walk with a slight resistance. Therefore, we should focus on this act and carry myself fluently and without undue haste.

The suspension of the Suzuki GS 500 F

The front is responsible for the damping inequality telescopic fork with 37-mm-diameter leg. This is not an item in any way regulated, although earlier versions of the 90s had the opportunity to spring preload settings.

On the back of the bike has adjustable preload, although the change itself is not the easiest settings and the need for this little patience.

How, then GS 500 F excel on Polish roads? When braking on a bumpy surface comes to light, the front fork is too soft and sometimes shoot bigger holes.

Therefore, some of the owners and the GS-niemilemu attempt to compensate for this lag phenomenon pouring into thicker oil (15W instead of 10W).

In addition, the model F version weighing 180 pounds with fairing (the dry) can forgive a lot of novice riders, familiarize him with cornering technique in getting the deeper seams.

Thanks to the low-lying couch placed at a height of 790 millimeter and narrow tires – in size 110/70-17 front and 130/70-17 at the rear – Flipping winkach motorcycle is not too difficult, and facilitates science faster cornering.

To slow weighing less than 200 pounds of equipment (weight of wet) serve two brake discs. Floating front disc diameter of 310 millimeter is and dwutloczkowy terminal.

With so many running wheel with a diameter of 250 mm with clamp also with two pistons.

Suzuki GS 500 F
Suzuki GS 500 F

As for the effectiveness of braking system you can not have major reservations. The front door handle smoothly reacts to pressure, even just two fingers.

Suzuki GS500 F is a helpful option for people that do not need to have the most powerful machines in the city, but I appreciate the low operating costs.

Also motorcyclists, who after years they return to driving, and women should be seen in the piecsetce appropriate companion for long journeys and closer.

During the inspection of used GS-a must especially pay attention to the past for accident. Non-genuine parts (such as ancillary controls, and muffler) can, though not necessarily indicative of a past motorcycle accident.

In addition, models with older vintages falls at an angle of precisely verify the actual mileage. Worn rubber footrests, with numerous paint splashes around kol, give more time to think, than the seller promises.

Another factor on which deserves attention is the steel cradle frame, which has a slight tendency to rust. It is worth buying a used model, check the welds place where there may be traces of rust forming.

In terms of service, Five Hundred Suzuki is not the way to maintain the machine.

The new set of driving (front sprocket, rear and chain) need to pay 350-370 gold.

The set of tires will cost about 750 gold, due to their small size.

When you adjust the carburetor synchronization and also we should not overpay, because the GS 500 are only 2 cylinders and 2 carburetors, and for example, Yamaha XJ 600 is the longer four.

Suzuki GS 500 F – technical data:

Years of production: 2004-2007

MOT: every 6000 km

Oil change: every 6000 km

Engine: two-cylinder, in-line, 2 valves per cylinder, air-cooled and oil

Suzuki GS 500 F
Suzuki GS 500 F
Suzuki GS 500 F
Suzuki GS 500 F
Suzuki GS 500 F

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