The invention of car racing started earlier but gratuity started to modify day by day. From small distance racing it started with racing between the cities. Day by day the popularity began to increase. People started loving the game. Though the game setup is costly the game is an exciting one and brought audiences from the corners of the globe. This daring sport became very much demandable in the recent years. Events that are conducted in USA are brought into the sight of the audiences via live telecast. Different sports new channel shows the live telecast on their channels. The events come into the headlines of the newspapers. The USA sports association has taken many initiatives in the development of the style the sports deal with. Along with other racing categories city-to-city car racing is one type of category. This type of racing too has its own fan followers. Here the racing rally or the racing tracts are made between the cities of the nation. There are well routed tracts within America for this type of race. Tents are arranged by the sports associative for the audiences to view. Camps are held at equal distances for the proper ongoing of the race. Danger involving car racing Though this game has gained popularity but this is not a safe game at all. The game deals with speed. High speed racing cars are the device which ultimately helps in making the race complete. So the risks are there all the time. Sometimes the vehicle totally spins and the driver who is the player gets injured. Many time most of the participants facing hindrance due to accidents retires from the sport. So, the game is very challenging and dangerous at the same time.