Ducati 996 SPS

CM Composit Carbon Fiber Exhaust Guard: 748-996 [SPS]


‘SPS style exhaust cover’ . designed for the 748,916, and 996. Mounting hole spacing is 130mm center- to-center. Fits the stock size heel guards.

Made by a CM Composit -European supplier to race teams and a supplier to Ducati Performance. The finish is glossy and polished.

There are 3 things that affect fitment:

(1) mounts: you either have no mounts/ 75mm mounts or 130 mounts on your pipes

(2) std size heel guards or oversize Corsa

(3) mono frame or biposto frame

We stock 4 types of exhaust covers:

(1) Designed for a 748-996, the shorter Corsa exhaust cover’ is cut shorter on the bottom and will fit the larger Corsa heel guards used with the billet DP Corsa rearsets. The 130mm bolt pattern is wider then the 998 cover and will not bolt up with out a mount kit.

(2) The longer ‘SPS style exhaust cover’ is designed for the original heel guards’. It also has the wide 130mm bolt pattern. This is also used on the 748-996 and will require mounting brackets if your pipes do not have fittings

Ducati 996 SPS

(3) The ‘998 style cover’ features a narrow (75mm) bolt pattern to fit the 998 OEM pipes. It is cut away on the top to clear Biposto pegs mounts.

(4) The square ‘OEM Style cover’ replaces the standard exhaust cover on all bikes 748-998. This only fits pipes with the mounts directly above the heel guard.

Please note: The ‘Corsa exhaust cover’ and ‘SPS style exhaust cover’ will require some trimming to fit Biposto subframes. The ‘998 style cover’ will clear biposto frames but uses the 75mm mounting points. The ‘998 style cover’ can be used on the 748-996 biposto bikes. but will require optional mounts.

Full race systems and the 998 come with a fitting welded on. The standard exhaust pipes (or half systems) will require the optional mounting brackets. The original button heads will fit the brackets but may need to be shortened.

Tip: To use the original button heads, cut off 1/4 inch of the OE bolt. Thread a nut on before cutting the bolt with a saw or bolt cutters. The optional billet aluminum button head bolts require shortening also.

SPS exhaust cover pctured.

NOTE: Pre-preg Carbon Fiber parts use less resin because it is cooked under pressure which results in a stronger and lighter product than typical wet-lay up Carbon Fiber. Pre-preg is the prefered method for racing, and aerospace. It is more expensive to build with this method but it results in a superor product.For exhaust covers, it is less vulnerable to the heat than wet lay up reproductions.

Ducati 996 SPS
Ducati 996 SPS
Ducati 996 SPS
Ducati 996 SPS

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