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Ducati engine getting thing S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of motorcycles.

The enterprise was created 1926 by Adriano and Marcello Ducati in Bologna. The Scientifica Radiobrevetti Ducati produced first construction units for radios.

After the end of the Second World War the manufacturing of the bicycle auxiliary engine Cucciolo was added in the year 1946. This took place already without co-operation of the family Ducati under national administration. Still in the same decade the own development of complete vehicles began.

1953 were divided the enterprise into the Ducati Elettronica S.p.A. and the motorcycle manufacturer Ducati Meccanica S.p.A . In the following year stepped Fabio Taglioni as a chief designer into its services.

A obenliegende cam shaft as the first Ducati, which was propelled by a had the 1955 presented Ducati Gran sport.

The four-cylinder prototype Apollo of 1963 had for the first time a 90В°-V-Motor also in driving direction lying and standing cylinders, as it became later for Ducati engines typical.

The name Ducati is inseparably linked with the term Desmodromik. There is at present no other manufacturer, that produces engines with force-actuated valve impulse. It was developed since center of the 50’s for the employment in Rennmaschinen. The first series motorcycle of the world with Desmodromik was 1969 the Ducati Mark of 3 D.

With the Ducati 750 GT the era of the V-Zweizylinder with 90В° cylinder angle began 1970.

1974 were adjusted the production of the a cylinder models, with which Ducati had been successful in area racing both in road racing and.

The separation of the introduced the 1977 presented Ducati Pantah to the Nockenwellenantrieb by toothed belts.

Ducati Cucciolo

Starting from 1983 Ducati cooperated due to continuously bad business process with the Italian two-wheeler manufacturer Cagiva. In the year 1985 Ducati of Cagiva was transferred. In the following year went the chief designer of many years Taglioni into the retirement.

Massimo Bordi ascended to its successor.

The completely disguised Ducati Paso was 1986 the first model with reverse arrangement of in and discharge opening channels of the standing cylinder. The placement of both carburetors between the cylinders made for the first time a central air box possible.

1987 were put with the Ducati 851 the foundation-stone for the model rows of the Superbikes with water-cooled engines, four valves per cylinder and electronic fuel injection. A two-cylinder with the road performances of the 851 was not up to then conceivable. Ducati dominated the Superbike running class with it soon.

The Ducati 916, which set 1994 new yardsticks in the motorcycle Design, continued this success series.

Cagiva became 1996 insolvent and sold 51% from Ducati to American Texas Pacific Group. 1998 changed Ducati completely into their possession.

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Ducati Cucciolo

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