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Laverda models:

LAVERDA twins are now more affordable. The least expensive model, the 650cc Ghost, is down in price by a massive UKp1000 to UKp5999 on the road.

And there’s a whopping UKp1349 saving on the half-faired Diamante, which will now retail at UKp6250.

650 Sport.

Oil-air cooled, 8 valve, fuel injected parallel twin that started Laverda’s rebirth. The original engine wasn’t the sweetest around, but changed during it’s production. Made power more like a 2 stroke, a real screamer.

A rolling chassis of alluminum beam frame (designed by Dutch guru Niko Bakkar), state of the art White Power suspension and and superb Brembo brakes;- 2 x 320mm discs with 4 pot calipers on the front and a 245mm disc with 2 pot caliper on the rear. The rubber department was taken care of by a pair of Pirelli Dragon GT radials.

Thanks to all this, it made a quick bike that was a match for many more powerful bikes around the twisty bits.

650 Ghost.

As it has no fairing and other fittings, the Ghost can be included in the naked category, in fact Laverda have maintained the aggressiveness of the glorious ’70s 750 models, in a new, modern context.

The engine new camshafts, and a different electronic injection body organization to be softer at low and medium r.p.m. without being penalized in the high r.p.m. The maximum torque is reached at 6500 (not at 7000 r.p.m. as in the 650 Sport.

Black beauty.

LAVERDA’s new Formula – was a limited edition revamped version of the 650 Sport – offers a genuine boost in power, braking, looks AND exclusivity. The trottle response is superb, thanks to the fuel injection. Handling and braking are stunning.

The Formula ‘s expensive WP suspension copes superbly with bends and bumps that send other bikes into a flutter. The brilliant front brakes slow the bike with little pressure. The handling gives the rider total confidence, a by-product of the light weight, excellent suspension and the very impressive steering.

With this boost in power and top-notch handling and brakes, this bike really does have its Formula right.


The new-born Laverda, whose name comes from the engine size (668cc), is following the path started by the 650 Sport and continued by the Formula: the 668 model comes on the scene.

Compared to the previous models, this new motorbike changes its style: a more aerodynamic fairing, new headlights, and a better drag coefficient while the aluminium chassis, the removable cover-up saddle and the tank under the saddle are the same.

Moreover wheels, brakes and silencer have been changed to have a top-level quality and its engine like Formula’s, is supplied with the new timing system which gets the maximum power increased.

Racer Alan Cathcart pictured on a 668


A cheaper variant of the 668 using the same engine in a steel trellis frame and half fairing (a la 750S).

The bike was given good reviews from the press.

pic courtesy of 3X

New water cooled 750cc parallel twin housed in an alluminium beam frame. Half fairing with twin round headlamps.

Performance currently puts it a close 2nd to the Ducati 748. with a price tag of UKp7500! which puts it in between the 750SS and 900SS in terms of price. It’s got far more go than any 750SS for about UKp250 more.

Although the 900SS has more grunt, the Laverda handles better than either of them.

Many people talk about how well a bike handles, Fast Bikes Magazine tested the 750S in their February, 1998 issue. The 2 pics below are mightily impressive.

Not just peg knee down, but. elbow down!

Pics above below taken courtesy of Fast Bikes Magazine from their recent test.

Proof of the pudding.

750S with carbon pipes new ‘chip’ = 92bhp.

These will apparently be available as after market add-ons for the 750S owners, along with the recently introduced fairing lowers.

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