Ducati Desmosedici GP11



Specifications Scale: 1 / 18; Length: 118mm (depending on the caster angle), width: 41mm, height: 73mm; Wheelbase: 85mm (depending on the caster angle) Weight: 85g; Motor: Coreless, E-Gyro-Motor: Brushless 7.000KV; Wheel diameter: V/32, H/35 7mm, 2mm; wheel width: V / 7.1 mm H11, 3mm; Sender: KT-19 RC functions Gas brake, steering


You let the wind blow around the ears and enjoy the ride on two wheels. For now, the action really begins. Mini-Z Racing Experience a new generation to discover new possibilities with the Mini-Z Racer Moto.

With the motor racer KYOSHO provides a model of the first Mini-Z series with two wheels instead of four, and despite lower number of wheels increases the fascination that this category entails. The detailed trim and attractive overall appearance to give the bike showcases the charm of a model, but far from it. Inside lies HiTech!

Equipped with an e-gyro system in the rear is the model even when driving extremely slow speeds, stable and overturns not so easy. Thus, even beginners can easily rotate after a few minutes and enjoy your first few laps, the dynamics of the model.

The sensitivity setting of the gyro electronics can be comfortable at the new 2.4 GHz FHSS KT-19 remote control are made. This makes it even easier to adjust the level of intervention by the electronics of their own driving skills. And if it does once the fall is, can be absorbed through the crash bar fitting designed to run without manual intervention again.

But cruising is not all! For as the name implies, the bike is a racer on the track and feels equally at home as in your living room. So the bike on the track to the limit can be placed on the chassis has fully adjustable suspension points.

Thus, the suspension on the front and rear adjustable and also the ground clearance can be adjusted. Similarly, the delay can be set on the front wheel to the steering characteristics of the motorcycle to change and adapt to circumstances. And more technology is in this model!

In order for the operation is very comfortable, the power battery to be recharged directly on the remote control.

Optionally, provided with a USB wall charger for drive battery can be connected to a port on your existing computer. When you load on your PC can even drive two batteries are charged simultaneously, which leads to even more extensive driving pleasure, because the load times are significantly reduced.


• MC-01 Mini-Z Racer Moto-wheel drive with kreiselunterstütztem

• Motherboard with innovative 2.4GHz wireless technology

• High-resolution digital steering servo with coreless motor • Operation is no conventional quartz

• Infinitely adjustable E-gyro stabilization system for driving

• Full ball bearing drivetrain

• Charger connector on the remote control

• Painted bike is with all the decorations (Fine Hand Polish)

• Sophisticated front axle with a lot of mechanical grip

• Infinitely adjustable ground clearance • Adjustable caster angle adjustment for the steering behavior

• Up to 40 bikes can be operated simultaneously

• high-grip racing tires

• Drive chassis with pre-constructed 3-Channel 2.4GHz FHSS KT-19 Remote Control

• LiPo charger with USB connection for power battery • Perfect look through detailed body

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