Suzuki e-Let's

TMS 2011 Suzuki, Daihatsu, Yamaha Press

Suzuki (Vice President Osamu Honda)

The Regina, on show here, is the result of our engineers challenging themselves to make daily life more exciting. Our engineers rigorously pursued aerodynamics and light weight in a small car, and this is what they came up with.

Naturally, we’re working on electrical technology as well. Development is going well for our electric scooter e-Let’s and our Swift EV Hybrid. We’ll be able to present the results in a little while.

At Suzuki, we want this kind of car, and bike, to make life more fun. We hope everyone will keep an eye out for new things from Suzuki.

Daihatsu (President Koichi Ina)

The first concept car we’d like to show you today is the D-X. It has a resin body, with tough, aggressive, original styling and all kinds of variable specs. Through such features, we’ve developed a truly unique sports model, which gives a new sensation and is also fun to drive.

Our next concept car is the PICO, a two-seater EV. Daihatsu’s approach to EVs is to make them even smaller than compact cars, so they’re ideal for short runs in daily life. This vehicle has a full range of safety features, including preemptive collision avoidance and false-start prevention.

So we’ve achieved a car that’s easy for everyone to use.?

Our final concept car is the FC ShoCASE, which has a liquid fuel-cell unit that doesn’t use precious metals. We’ve developed this fuel-cell unit ourselves, and we’ve put it in a flat-floor, multipurpose body unit. We started working on the basics of this technology in 2007; it not only has zero carbon emission, but also uses a liquid fuel that’s easy to handle.

We’re suggesting this car as a next-generation, zero-emission vehicle.

Yamaha (President Hiroyuki Yanagi, Yamaha Motor)

First, here’s the EC-Miu. This suggests new possibilities for electric commuters in city life. When we designed the Miu, our image was that of a feather floating in the wind.

This is a multi-wheel vehicle, which gives a carefree feeling for ladies especially. The riding position and riding style are also very attractive.

Our second exhibit is the PAS WITH. This model suggests a new way of getting around your destination, as well as being electric-assist bicycle for everyday use. Among its features are an in-wheel motor, which gives more freedom in design, front and rear suspension to absorb the impact of bumpy roads, and a belt drive for a clean image.

For example, if you use your Prius to go somewhere, you can charge this model in the Prius.

Our third vehicle is the Y125 Moegi. This is a motorcycle with an engine. It’s as easy to use as a bicycle, and it’s also sporty enough for a little touring. The retro-modern design is based on the Yamaha YA-1, as well as Yamaha’s design philosophy. The main feature is the engine, which is a global-standard 125 cc model.

The body has a light, slim design. This bike weighs 80 kg, and achieves 80 km/l.

VIDEO TMS 2011 Suzuki, Daihatsu, Yamaha Press

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